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This may seem obvious, but it’s important to consider the role of players during practice. Plan according to their age, interests, needs, and the number of players you have.  The players will be in the roles of:

  • teammate: for realism and to establish familiarity.

  • opponent: for realism and to force decision making.

One+One Fields of Play diagram

Small sided game Fields of Play diagram

Note: Your use of cones, flags, and other markers becomes extremely important if you don’t have the luxury of using marked fields.

It is vital that all practice games include two goals: one to Attack and one to Defend.

Players must learn to instinctively respond by reading ball possession.


Good Habits are created in a good practice environment. They are timesavers because they allow players to “Attack” and “Defend” without having to stop and think. Two dimensional players, ones who can attack and defend, are developed in this habit forming environment.

Coach responsibility

  1. Clipboards or Index Cards (with practice session notes)

  2. Bibs (to distinguish between teams)

  3. Soccer Balls (just in case)

  4. First Aid Kit

  5. Goal Nets (create realistic shooting situations)

  6. Cones (mark goals or boundaries)

  7. Water Container (assure availability of water)

players responisibility

  1. Sweatsuit

  2. Socks (second pair)

  3. Shoes (same pair to be used during league game)

  4. Shoelaces (extra pair)

  5. Soccer Ball (mandatory and initialed)

  6. Shinguards (to be worn at all games & practices)

  7. Individual Water Bottle

The FUNdamental SOCCER Practice truly establishes each practice as a Rehearsal for Game Day!

Sample timetable

The genius of good coaching is to make hard work seem like FUN! Your practices must duplicate the excitement of the game. You must create an environment which forces the players to make their own decisions. You must create an atmosphere where the players are allowed to teach themselves. You must have a practice that develops instinctive attacking and defending habits.

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