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Play soccer anywhere

 You don’t have to wait until practice to try out your new techniques. We’ll show you how to set up a quick game when you are at home, at the park, or anywhere you can safely kick the ball around.

Play anywhere

Choose an object to be the goal.

trash hat

A trash can, a hat, or anything that can be hit by a soccer ball.

Score a goal by hitting the object. Keep score!

Play with object

Make goal

  • With your feet together, hold something out in each out-stretched hand.

  • Move your right foot as far as you can. Play the marker outside of your right foot.

  • Bring your feet back together.

  • Now do the same thing on the left side.

perfect goal

There is your perfect Small Goal!

You don’t need two full teams to have fun playing Soccer with friends.  Use your imagination to create your own rules!

Here are a few of our favorite games:

Play with one small goal

Rules you can try:

  • No out of bounds

  • You can score from either side

  • The ball must roll between the markers

Make two smalls goals and put them more than 10 yards apart.

Rules you can try:

  • Have out of bounds

  • You can only score by shooting from a certain distance

  • The ball can bounce or fly between the markers for a goal

  • Choose your own goal

Play with two small goals

Play with mixed goals

Make one small goal and one large goal.

Rules you can try:

  • Player protecting the small goal cannot use their hands

  • Player protecting the large goal can use their hands

  • Choose your own goal

Whoever has the ball tries to score on the others, or play two against one. If more friends show up, invite them to play!

Rules you can try:

  • Score goals by beating the opponent with a great fake

  • Score goals by making a terrific tackle


Play with two friends

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