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Another winner in the FUNdamental series of books written by noted youth soccer coach Karl Dewazien.  The “9-Step Practice” offers a unique child centered approach that certainly works with younger players.

The book offers some great tips that make practices both satisfying and enjoyable for all involved.  It reinforces the concept that soccer is a simple game to understand, play and coach. It should be an essential part of any soccer library for coaches of players of any age!

GK Price

“But it’s important for you to do it the way you’re doing it! Guys like me went crazy with the drill coaching method, with no organized method of teaching the fundamentals to young people. I’m very, very pleased that your materials were out there for people willing to put in the work to be a good coach.”

Coach John

“The 9-step routine, on the other hand, is just a neat stroke of brilliance. Those 9 steps, if we are honest with ourselves, represent nothing more than every great session schematic in the world.”

Coach Chris

“At the end of the season, all parents… said that they wish I could coach the same team next year because their kids really learned soccer for the first time.”

Coach Ric

“Some of my kids have come to play serious soccer and are unfamiliar with the “FUN” aspect. They’re not really sure it’s supposed to feel like that, but they are catching on. Everyone still wants to win but the trend is now shifting toward having FUN anyway.”

Coach Larrie