Who To Draft?

Coach: Thanks soooo much for the free advice! – It helped me a lot for today’s game. We played one of the toughest teams, we lost, but they only scored one point. 

Karl: No winners or losers at this age as long as the children are able to step on the field, run after the ball, know which goal to attack/defend after half-time and have a good time 🙂

Coach:  Not bad for a bunch of 5-6 year olds. 

Karl: Not bad if they Played and had a Great Time 🙂

Coach:  Out of 13 kids I have 4 that have played before, the rest are new to the game. 

Karl:  Believe me, they are/will all be “new to the game” until after they have mastered all the techniques that this game demands. Experts have guesstimated that it takes approximately 10,000 hours to accomplish this feat. So, your current squad has another 10 years to actually learn this game 🙂

Coach: With my being a first year coach I had no idea who to pick when it was draft time. 

Karl: It is not who you pick … It is what you are able to teach the one’s you do pick! If you are able to instill the ‘love of the game’ in these children and they end up playing soccer for a life-time … then you have accomplished the greatest results any youth coach can reach..!

Coach: But that is what makes coaching so fun, watching the new kids grow and progress.

Karl:   Could not have said it better 🙂

Coach: The fact that you offered me free advice was just awesome.

Karl: The fact that you asked for advice is just as awesome. Most adults working with children in soccer for the first time seem very hesitant to ask for advice and I compliment you for doing so..!

Coach: – I was sad to see that almost all of the web sites that I checked wanted money just to answer a question or two. Something that I don’t have a lot of. 

Karl:  FUNdamental Soccer was created to help change the playing environment for our children and it is the least I can do. If you have more questions (in the future) don’t hesitate to send them to me … I will respond as quickly as possible … however, it may take some time to get back to you because of my hectic schedule 🙂

Coach: Thanks again for the advice!!!! 

Karl: You are very welcome & Thank You for allowing me to help you help your players improve!!!