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How Many Defenders Am I Allowed?

Coach:  This may or may not be a very dumb question. I am new to coaching peewee soccer. I got on the internet and got the basics but I would love to learn more. This without will be the sport for my son and I have enjoyed it so much I want to continue.

My question is: how many defenders are you allowed to have? I wanted to play four my last game and the coach from the other team totally disagreed. Can you help me with this???

Karl: Soccer is unlike any American sport and this opposing coach is pulling your leg 🙂

You need to develop ‘Total’ players:

  • Whenever a player receives the ball they become the quarterback (1st Attacker) of the team.
  • When they lose the ball they must become the best defender (1st Defender) on the team…

Teach your players to become ‘total’ soccer players which means:

  • Our ball – ALL players think and act like an attacker – GO for goal to score!
  • Their ball – ALL players think and act like a defender – Get the ball back -so that we can go to goal and score!

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