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Kick-Ball It Is Not Soccer

by Coach Tim B.

“I must say I think these kickball style tactics are horrible to watch. I absolutely can’t stand it. It’s not soccer”

With the team missing last week’s games and practices due to the fires, the team was definitely not the sharpest. The girls decided the best way to beat the other team was using kick and run tactics rather than passing and dribbling, so this game should be a good learning tool for them that it isn’t a very effective tactic, even though it is a favorite of nearly all the coaches and the parents. I must say I think these kickball style tactics are horrible to watch. I absolutely can’t stand it. It’s not soccer. Still, we managed a 1-1 tie against a team that had previously beaten us, so we are improving. Oh, yes, and our sole goal was done by a very nice give and go that broke their defense to pieces and led to a very easy goal.

Biggest improvement was defensively. This team has been really weak defensively compared to other teams I’ve had. Simply getting between the player and the goal has been a challenge for several players. This week several girls did significantly better than in past weeks. Still a ways to go (and we have only 3 games left), but definitely better. We only gave up one shot in the first half and it was their lone goal. The only other shot in the second half was caused when one of our center backs decided to tie her shoe just as the other team obtained possession of the ball (!), but we got lucky and the ball hit the post. But outside of those two opportunities, the defense was pretty sound. We’re still having trouble containing the wing players but it was a little better. Keepers are playing better as well.

I was really happy with one girl who absolutely refused to play keeper at the beginning of the year. Her dad said she was scared. But I got her a little time in practice, she found out it wasn’t too bad, and she’s played the last two weeks there and has been absolutely terrific! She’s decided it’s not such a bad position after all, and I think has been wonderful for her confidence.

If we can get some team play back, get a little tighter defensively, we should be in pretty good shape. Tougher in the coming weeks with it getting dark by 5:15 here, so that limits our practices to about 1:15, but it’s the same for everyone

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