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Conditioning & Your 9-Step Practice #2

Hello Koach Karl,

I want to thank you very much on the advice regarding my players and how to better improve their conditioning. I also want to thank you for going through my current practice schedule and pointing out to me areas that I must improve on. When you spoke to me about the 1-1 game this imaginary light when on inside my head (conditioning) and being new at this maybe it is I who need to keep it simple and let the girls get out there and just play soccer.

I will sure get to your Blog from last year and pick up on those key points and continue on my learning and teaching this great game. I will send you another email in a couple of weeks and tell you how our progress is coming along and certainly ask you for some more much needed advice. Once again thank you for the very sound advice.

Best Regards,

K Toppings

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