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by  Dr. Alan Goldberg

Great coaches encourage their athletes to grow both on and off the field. They take an interest in their players’ academics and home lives as well as with their athletes’ performance and training. By taking the time to check in on each athlete, you as the coach will stay aware of what is happening with them in their lives. Taking this kind of nurturance and interest in your athletes’ lives will ignite the power of passion in them, fueling their motivation, enthusiasm, energy and love for the game.

Dr. Alan Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg was the sport psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies, and the 2000 men’s soccer NCAA champions. He is the former Sports Psychology Consultant for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department and continues to work with their men’s soccer program. He draws from 25+ years of experiences working with athletes and teams of all ages and levels to help you develop motivation and achieve peak performance, no matter at what level you compete! Learn more about Dr. Alan Goldberg at Competitive Advantage.