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A Short Story About Quitting

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg

A story is told about two brothers who sold all they had back East and headed West for the promise of great riches during the California gold rush. Early on in their prospecting, they discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim and proceeded to get down to the serious business of getting the gold ore out of their mine. At first, all went well and their spirits and bank account soared. But then a very strange thing happened. The vein of gold that they were working on mysteriously disappeared. It just simply dried up. They were at the end of their rainbow and that pot at the end was suddenly very much empty. However, the brothers continued to desperately pick away, but without much success. Finally they got discouraged and gave up in disgust.

They sold all of their equipment and claim rights for a few hundred dollars and took a train back home. The man who bought the claim hired an engineer to examine the rock strata of the mine. The engineer advised him to continue digging in exactly the same spot as the former owners had, but to dig a little bit deeper. A week or two later and three feet deeper, the new owner struck gold, a huge, lucrative vein! Instantly he became a wealthy man beyond his wildest dreams.

Just a little more persistence and a little more deeper digging and the brothers would have reaped the same reward. There’s gold in you too. You have unlimited ability, untapped potential. You have the ability to do things you never imagined. Just because you haven’t found that potential yet doesn’t mean it’s not there. You have to be persistent. You have to be patient. And you have to keep digging!

Dr. Alan Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg was the sport psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies, and the 2000 men’s soccer NCAA champions. He is the former Sports Psychology Consultant for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department and continues to work with their men’s soccer program. He draws from 25+ years of experiences working with athletes and teams of all ages and levels to help you develop motivation and achieve peak performance, no matter at what level you compete! Learn more about Dr. Alan Goldberg at Competitive Advantage.