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What Makes A Good Coach? #6

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg

Great coaches UNDERSTAND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN THEIR ATHLETES – The best coaches have a basic understanding that each athlete on their team is different in attitude, personality, response-ability, sensitivity and how they handle criticism and adversity. These coaches take the time to get to know each athlete’s individual differences and styles. They then hand-tailor what they say to, and how they treat this athlete to achieve maximum coaching effectiveness. They know that while one athlete may respond well to a hard edge and raised voice, this approach may totally shut another one down.

Dr. Alan Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg was the sport psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies, and the 2000 men’s soccer NCAA champions. He is the former Sports Psychology Consultant for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department and continues to work with their men’s soccer program. He draws from 25+ years of experiences working with athletes and teams of all ages and levels to help you develop motivation and achieve peak performance, no matter at what level you compete! Learn more about Dr. Alan Goldberg at Competitive Advantage.