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Less Glitz & More Play -Thank You!

by  Leonard Marks, MD

The battle for truth, justice, and the American way, space age style: During the heat of the space race in the 1960’s, the U.S. National
Aeronautics and Space Administration decided it needed a ballpoint pen to write in the zero gravity confines of its space capsules. After
considerable research and development, the Astronaut Pen was developed at a cost of about $1 million U.S. The pen worked and also enjoyed some modest success as a novelty item back here on Earth. The Soviet Union, faced with the same problem, used a pencil.

Koach Karl,

Isn’t this a typical American problem – too much glitz? I think this can be underwritten in American Soccer – tournaments, pageants, loads of accessories designed to make someone money and to convince parents to buy them – good grief, look at the new soccer boots.

It also underwrites what you/we are trying to do with the current Coaching methodology. Get back to the basics and let the game speak for itself.

Congratulations on resolving the U-10 ‘tournament’ issue in Northern California. Just goes to show that something can be accomplished in twenty years of consistent educating. I am glad that the ‘Children are finally Winners’ with less glitz and more play!

Dr. Leonard Marks

Dr. Leonard Marks is a specialist in Pediatrics and a Fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics - Sutter North Medical Foundation. He coached the Marysville High School Varsity Soccer team for 21 seasons and was named the Sacramento-San Joaquin Section Model Coach of the Year in 2010.