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Egotistical Parent Story

by  Leonard Marks, MD

The king (queen) of all self-centered, egotistical parent stories:

I was at the Sunstroke Classic this past weekend getting ready to check in my team. While we were organizing we noticed the Assistant Referee (AR) of a U19 boys game signal an off-sides on the white team (white was off-sides).

This was not immediately noticed by the Center and a few seconds later there was a foul in the box against the white team. The ref called the foul, looked around and saw the AR with his flag up. The off-sides occurred prior to the foul so the blue team did not get the Penalty Kick and instead appropriately had to settle for the indirect kick.

As we were checking in, a very angry mother of the blue team player who was fouled stormed the field marshal/referee area bitterly complaining about the call and the referee. She demanded a Penalty Kick.

After she had her say and quieted down the senior official asked if she wanted an explanation. Her response was: “if the explanation is going against me, I do not want to hear it.”

The senior official said: “according to the laws of the game . . .” She interrupted: “I don’t care about the laws of the game, if it is going against me I don’t want to hear it.” Then she walked off.

I feel sorry for her husband and kid.

Dr. Leonard Marks

Dr. Leonard Marks is a specialist in Pediatrics and a Fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics - Sutter North Medical Foundation. He coached the Marysville High School Varsity Soccer team for 21 seasons and was named the Sacramento-San Joaquin Section Model Coach of the Year in 2010.