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They Always Take My Best Players – Now What?

Coach: The association takes all of the good players and leaves me the ones that have never played before. Then they turn around and play my team with players I have worked with and beat me.

Koach Karl – I think it is a privilege to take the so-called rejects and teach them to ‘love to play soccer,’ something many youth coaches do not do. We are finding over 70% of the players quit between 10 and 14 – because some coach ‘won’ lots of games – but never taught the kids to love to play – and that is what I would like for you to focus on – teach them to love to play and stay in the game – not just play so that they can win.

Coach: Then the parents think I am not a good coach…

Koach Karl – Wrong focus. It would be best not to judge your coaching ability according to the parents.  Your goal as a youth coach should be to take the players you are given and do your best to improve them.

Coach: Why is it that my team always loses?

Koach Karl – Because the other team scored more goals than your team did — That Day.

Coach: It is because I am never given older players?

Koach Karl – I don’t think that having older players on a team can guarantee any victories.  And I am not sure what age has to do with – working hard to improve – and over time become better than others? You were able to do it in the past with the players who were taken from your team.  Your goal should not be to win today – But to prepare them to become winners in the future, just like those who were recruited away from you. Instill in them the ‘goal’ to want to become better, and they will become better – Guaranteed.

Coach – I don’t mean it as something bad, just it hurts the players.

Koach Karl – If they are playing, that should be a reward in itself – some children are unable to play any sports – Now that is painful. Your children should thank the good Lord for giving them the tools to put on a uniform -be able to run –pass -dribble -shoot – etc…

With Patient, Consistent use of the above ‘9-Step Practice Flow‘ and Diligent Work on your players part ya’ll will someday win many games  -Guaranteed 🙂

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