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My Son Is On A Losing Team and Becoming Frustrated

Coach – My son is always losing and he is frustrated about it.

Koach Karl – Then he should work on personal improvement – he will not always be on these particular team -but, his skills will always be part of him. Besides, playing on winning teams does not guarantee future success at the higher level for any individual.

Coach – He just wants to play for a winning team.

Koach Karl – Don’t we all? And what if everyone played on a winning team -then we would have no losing teams – therefore, we would have no competition. If he wants to be a competitor then he should be working on becoming the best he can be -and give up this dream of playing – for only winning teams As I just mentioned, “Playing on winning teams does not guarantee individual success”.  Please bring him back to reality!

Coach: His dream is to play in college and pro.

Koach Karl – Great dream to have – now he needs to work very hard to make his dreams come true.  Out of bed -off the couch -away from the T.V. and computer have him find a friend to play some 1v1 games or find more friends and play some Small Sided Games –Every Day..!!!

Coach: He is gifted in the game .

Koach Karl – So are hundreds of thousands of kids across the country.  But, only a very few exceptional ones work hard, on their own, to reach the level that they would like to play in their future.

Coach: Many coaches have told me he has what it takes. He just needs the right teaching. He was watched by a college coach in Ga. and he told me if he could get with a really good coach he would like to see him in a few years, so I would like to help him. 

Koach Karl – I have heard many adults build parents and children’s dreams by making statements like your college coach. But, where are they when the players need to work hard on their basic skills? Coaches do not make better players – It is the individual who can make himself a better players – That is why I mentioned earlier – He needs to be playing as much soccer as possible with his friends and not just at practice!

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