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Missing Scoring Opportunities #1

Coach:  I wrote you a few weeks ago with regards to my girls and the conditioning for their games. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful advice and for putting me in the right direction with the team, myself, and what we should be really focusing on and that is playing soccer.

Karl: Truly My Pleasure …!!!

Coach:   I have another question for you and all though it would seem simple enough but I seem to be having a tough time in scoring goals.

Karl: First you have to get use to the idea that…Soccer is a low scoring game.? Games of 3 or more goals are very rare even a the professional level.? Second, I think you are saying that the girls are having a tough time scoring rather than “you” are having the tough time. My obvious question is … How much time have you devoted to Shooting on Goal during your practices????? You must remember that the girls will apply what they have been taught!? How much time have to devoted to instill the? Push-Peek and Place Method??

Coach: The team seems to always want to be in a defense or prevent mode and not wanting to push the ball forward. When they get near the opponents goal they simply do not want to take the shot?

Karl:  Again, What have you done in previous practices to instill the habit of shooting in practice?
Having a desire toward wanting to be coach can help in making you a very good coach. Having the determination to learn about youth development and soccer will make you a wonderful coach.

Coach: I’m concerned that I might not be a good coach for a bunch of  young boys just learning how to play the game.

Karl: If you think you ‘might not be a good coach for a bunch of  young boys then you are right. If you think you ‘might be a good coach for a bunch of young boys’ then you are also right. The choice of you being a good coach or not a good coach to these boys is strictly your decision…!

Coach:  My son already is exhibiting some signs of frustration as I have him in the basement teaching him some fundamentals, like how to properly kick the ball.

Karl:  I commend you for your enthusiasm to want to help your son. He is a very lucky young boy to have a father who is willing to give of his time. I am wondering if you are including him in the decision making process in this instance? In other words, is your son asking you to take him into the cellar and work on fundamentals? Remember, it should be his decision as to what activities you both participate in.

Coach:  When we have our scrimmages in practice they all shoot towards the goal

Karl: Give me some examples of what you do in order to get them to shoot during the scrimmages

Coach:  The assistant coach and I are trying to tell them during the game time to take the shots just like in practice.

Karl: Just because you ‘tell’ them to do something does not mean that they will do it. If this was a successful approach then WE (coaches) would be doing a heck of a lot more talking. To create a habit you must repeat (I repeat) you must repeat the movement over and over and over again.

Coach: If you could please give me a little more advice on this matter we would certainly appreciate it.

Karl: I look forward to your responses and letting me know what you are currently doing to instill the habit of shooting when in shooting range’??

Coach:  Once again thank you in advance for your response to this matter.

Karl: You will receive more detailed advice once I know what you are doing that is not creating the proper habit!

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