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We Are Shooting & We Are Scoring :)

by Coach John. A.  

Koach Karl

Another great game for the team. My shy guy scored again. You would have been proud. It was a perfect “push-peek-place”. He didn’t kick the ball hard, just placed the ball perfectly where the goalie wasn’t. On the other hand, the rest of the team reverted to the “push-don’t peek-shoot at goalie” scenario from previous weeks. We probably missed 8-10 point blank shots.

Everyone who watches us is amazed that we can create so many shots – mainly because of the superior dribbling that I credit to your program – but also amazed we can miss so many shots. It’s actually getting better but needs more work.

Once again, I have to credit 1v1. For the 5th straight week, we gave up less than 4 shots. The guys are really loving the challenge of shutting the other team down, which comes from 1v1. In the open field in 1v1 situations, the guys have just improved so much. It’s really fun to watch. They simply dominate 1v1 situations now. As I’ve said before, the fun part is that it’s just not one guy, it’s nearly everyone on the team. The other coaches are now starting to take notice. I was told this week by one of them that I had the best talent in the league. They sure weren’t saying that at the beginning of the year!

Need to work more on shooting this week. In another week, maybe you can give me the second half of how to practice shooting. After 3 weeks of push-peek-place, they’re definitely getting better, so we should be ready to try the next phase soon.

Thanks again for a great program!

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