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Your Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Coach:  Thank you for the prompt and very thorough replies to my questions. Your replies are so complete I really don’t have anything else to ask in regard to them. As I said, I’m still somewhat uneasy about the “serve”. I thought your description on the tele-seminar was very helpful in describing how to teach the serve, but I still need time to digest it. It would help me immensely to actually see this concept demonstrated similar to some of the techniques you demonstrated on your second video.

In this regard, I was very intrigued by your initial comment in the tele-seminar about demonstrating kid coaching skills at the NSCAA conference last week. As I told you in my “review” of your videos, those videos absolutely cry out for a 3rd video where you demonstrate the described techniques from your books with children in a practice environment. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words can describe a video? It’s too bad that your seminar at the conference wasn’t videotaped.

I will have lots of questions for you in the coming months. They all revolve around the gargantuan amount of material you have provided to us, and how they relate to one another. For example, I was not familiar with your “Tactics” book, and it is really brilliant in the way it teaches some of the concepts! It is arguably your best book, but I’m struggling with how to introduce some of those concepts within the practice structure you’ve introduced in two Practice books. I haven’t had a chance to really think deeply about how the material interrelates, so I’ll hold my questions for later.

Thanks again. I probably won’t participate in the tele-seminars because of the toll call involved, but I’ll listen to all of the down-loads.
Thanks –
John A.

Karl – I wish I had more coaches’ look at the details and then ask me the questions you are posing – they are fantastic – I will give you some brief replies and more detailed answers when time permits.

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