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9-Step Practice Flow Chart

Step 1: Beginning Practice

Demonstration/explanation of the theme
What you will teach & What they will learn

Step 2: Warm Up

Laying down the cones
Doing the Figure 8
Stretching within the Figure 8
“Buzz-words” for fakes and feints
When to stretch
How to stretch the ankles
Teaching the players to teach themselves

Step 3:   One + One

Cooperative play
Laying out the field
The “serve”
“Buzz-words” and 1st Attacker Techniques
“Buzz-words” and 1st Defender Techniques
Making Points-of-Refinement

Step 4: One vs One

Competitive play
How to start each game with the serve
How to rotate players
Important to play stronger players against weaker players and vice versa

Step 5: Half-Time Routine

How to set up the half-time routine
How long is the half-time technique
Rehydrating the players and more

Step 6: Small Side Games

Formula for how many on a side
How many touches per player
When to use even sided games
When to use odd sided games
Cooperative small sided games
Competitive small sided games
Teaching players how and when to stop
When to coach and when to be silent
Formula for deciding distance between goals
When to make the field wider
When to make the field narrower
Step 7: Scrimmage

Applying the theme in the scrimmage
Cooperative scrimmage
Competitive scrimmage
How long to scrimmage
Step 8: Cool Down

Physical cool-down
Individual Mental cool-down

Step 9: Ending Practice

Compliments and review
Assigning soccer homework
Cleaning-up facility

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