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Encouraging “Play” in Youth Athletes

“Koach Karl Dewazien and I discuss the concept of “Play” for Youth athletes and how best to foster this reality.” Yusuf Omar, THESYSTEM

Today we welcome Coach Karl Dewazien. He discusses the need for PLAY as a vehicle for training young children vs. Overly Formal Instruction often laid out by coaches & parents alike, that inhibit both cognitive learning & physical development, as well as pure enjoyment of participating in sport. If you like his stuff and want to see more, be sure to check out his site:

Yusuf Omar

Yusuf Omar is the premier authority in Canada in the field of speed and regeneration. For over 33+ years he has been providing personal guidance and specialized training to Olympians, professional athletes, and amateur athletes from a variety of sports.

Yusuf is also highly trained in in the management of sports related injuries. His background in Myofascial structural body work osteopathy, Kinesiology, and Nutrition have allowed his clients to experience less down time, often coming back in better condition than before they were injured.

When not working with clients, Yusuf can often be found lecturing at universities, to sports teams, and athletic organizations. He has also written and been a contributing author for a number of books & periodicals.