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On behalf of the children you will be coaching/teaching, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this website. I realize that as a coach/teacher you will become the one who may make the difference in the lives of many children.


I have dedicated over forty years to compiling and providing youth coaches, like you, with the best information to be successful. I want to ensure that your players have the opportunities to fulfill their dreams.  Let’s start by having you realize that you already know most of what’s necessary to be a successful youth coach – that it is not that complicated.


You Know It and you have known it for a long time.  However, no one may have pointed this out to you.

 These are the things you already know:

  • Players come to games to play soccer

  • Games are tests for what needs to be practiced

  • Players come to practice to play soccer

  • Practice is rehearsal for the game

  • Observing is more important than talking

  • Helping only those who need help is vital

These are things you may know are needed to run a balanced practice:

  • Learn & Teach some & Let them Play Soccer!

  • Demonstrate & Explain some &  Let them Play Soccer!

  • Correct & Compliment some & Let them Play Soccer!

  • Experiment & Repeat some &  Let them Play Soccer!

These are things you may know are needed to develop the FUNdamental:

  • vs. Stationary opponent

  • vs. Walking opponent

  • vs. Game Speed opponent

 These are things you may know are needed to further develop the FUNdamentals:

  • vs. One opponent (play the 1vs1 game)

  • vs. More opponents (play Small Sided Games)

  • vs. Team (Scrimmage)

 And finally applying the first word you learned in the Dick & Jane book which is the Biggest, Boldest and Most Important Word for coaches to apply – LOOK! – Yes, watch your players in Action and Help but only those that need help.


See, everything you need to know about coaching youth is in here somewhere from following the Laws of the Game to sportsmanship and even gamesmanship. Take any of the items and change them into sophisticated coaching terms; apply them to your team or the opponent and they will hold true and clear and firm every time.  It is just a matter of attitude and application.


My method is about getting to know your players as individuals.  My website will help you understand what should be coached, when, for how long, and how often. Eliminate the traditional Line, Lap, & Lecture dominated practices. Organize ability-appropriate (rather than age-appropriate) training sessions. Challenge players at each and every practice. Instill the Love of the Game into each player.

Learn How to Make Hard Work Seem Like Fun!

Koach Karl (Karl Dewazien)

Former State Director of Coaching for the California Youth Soccer Association

Former Co-Chair US Youth Soccer Coaching Committee

Author of the Internationally Published FUNdamental SOCCER Books Series

Producer of the highly acclaimed ‘9-Step Practice Routine’ DVD