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Every year, at this time, we tend to make personal New Year’s resolutions in areas of personal growth, professional growth, and areas that we may feel we can improve upon in the coming year.

Recently, a good friend and I were talking about how we could make our professional lives ‘easier or better,’ we concluded that if our clients took ‘5 minutes’ to read what they had agreed upon, there would be no confusion or frustration between our clients and our services.  In that same spirit, I would like to ask everyone (Coach, Parent, and Player) to consider doing the same thing for 2023 and commit to taking ‘5 minutes’ more to evaluate the situation they are in.  Let me explain ….


New rules, information, and methodology exist for developing players to reach their potential and goals.  If you are organized as a coach, write your session plans down before training.  Take ‘extra’ minutes before or after the session to review how your players developed from that session.  Do the same during the game and take notes rather than yelling at your players or referees.

Next, take the time (extra if necessary) to read and understand the rules of play your team is about to participate in.  It will help immensely when you want to decide on a match.  You don’t lose your cool because you were ‘not’ aware of a specific rule or guideline that could affect your team or, moreover…yourself as a coach.


It may seem easier said than done, but if you know your ‘team role’ at the beginning of the season, you will enjoy watching your child have fun and develop.  

Take the time to ask your child what they learned during practice or during a game rather than telling them how they played.  

Encourage communication and confidence in your child.  It will pay dividends in their future (on and off the pitch).


Most important — “Ask Questions!”    

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — take the time to learn from those mistakes. 

Build your confidence through improved communication with your coaches and teammates.

Starting in 2023.  Everybody take the ‘extra time’ necessary to make better decisions rather than create emotional situations that could be avoided if everyone took that ‘extra time.’

Happy New Year and have FUN in 2023!!!

Mike Hodges

District 7 Coaching Coordinator