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Calls for Coaches for remote engagement to continue to providing social and emotional support for your players during a time when they need it most. I. Know Every Athlete’s Story: Make a plan for virtual meetings just like you would for in-person practice.  Plan the meeting to include guided open-ended questions in order to learn more about your players.  i.e.  If you could hang out with your friends today, what would you do?  What do you miss most about school?When the players log on to join the meeting, acknowledge each of them by name and tell them you are glad they made itAsk questions that acknowledge the situation while also providing hope and something to look forward to.  Convey a light at the end of the tunnel message. i.e. What is helpful when you are feeling isolated?  Does this pandemic worry you?    The answers will help you determine whether the [...]

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Player Technical 2016/2020 Summary – Youth Development In this report I have listed some observations from watching English Premier League youth teams for the last three years. During this time period I have watched a number of games played by English Premier developmental teams and lower league senior teams. The quality of play is quite impressive. The following report contains recommendations and discussion points which may help coaches of American players in their teaching priorities. The Industry of Player Acquisition and Selling. The development of players, culturally, is an industry. The scouting, development and selling of young players in most European and South American countries is, significantly, financial. The buying and selling of players can be a very lucrative business and players are represented by agents at a very young age. It is a very different paradigm to the high school and collegiate route which is the path most American [...]

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It’s not just how well your team plays that is a judge of your success. It is far more complicated than that. If you happen to coach a winning team this does not automatically make you a good coach. Just as if you coach a team with a losing record doesn’t automatically make you a less effective coach. Good coaches build significant relationships with their athletes. They treat them with respect. They build, rather than tear down self-esteem…(make a player feel crummy about him/herself and that player will consistently under-perform for you.) Good coaches have winning and losing in perspective. (It’s a known fact that the more emphasis you place on the outcome of the game or match, the less chance your athletes have of reaching that outcome.) Good coaches understand that their primary job is to teach athletes how to be good people as well as skilled performers. If [...]

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Hall of Famer, Keith Tabatznik, in his articles for FUNdamental SOCCER, “Coach: Improve In Isolation” wrote, “During the virus-shutdown might be the perfect time for coaches to improve their own ‘game.’  I asked others for input on the subject and Coach Tigran, Youth Development Phase Lead Coach, Barnet FC, UEFA PRO Licensed Coach, was kind enough to respond with the following…   “Coaching is one of the most responsible tasks that people can have. It is fascinating area but is not an easy area. You have to remind yourself why players are in the training sessions; what they want; what they need and why you are there. Here are some of my thoughts and ideas to consider when coaching:”   Get to know the person and then the player. Connect before you correct. Show them that you care not only with your words but also with your actions. Actions speak [...]

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Coaches all over are doing a superb job of providing players with ways to improve during the “Coronavirus shutdown”.  While that should be their first priority it is also a perfect time for a coach to improve their own ‘game’. Following are some ideas to help improve your coaching. Do you have a coaching philosophy?   This is the statement you make (be it private or public) that you live by as a coach. Think of it as your mission statement. Here is an example of one that a young coach sent me: My coaching philosophy is inspired by my passion for the game. I believe that my main goal should be to instill love for the game in my players in a fun, safe, and educated way.  I want to foster the development of my players through previous experiences I have had. While I feel that it is important [...]

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