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There is nothing more vital than having FAITH in each other and having FAITH that things will turn out right. Everything must turn out right because, ‘The outcome of our children’s health is infinitely more important; than the outcome of any game/practice that may be canceled!’

Have FAITH this season …


Fundamentals – Ingrain the following Attacking habits …

Read the Game

  • Be constantly aware of:
    • Personal Position on the field
    • Position of the ball on the field
    • Position of Teammates
    • Position of the Opponents on the field.


  • Position yourself to help teammates and hinder the opponent.
    • Support Runs – Get into a position to receive a pass.
    • Check Run – Lose the opponent to receive a pass.
    • Dummy Run – Create space for 1st Attacker. 
    • Make it difficult for the opponent to watch you and the ball simultaneously.

Receive the Ball 

  • Once open in the proper position, call for the ball and receive it with a positive first touch.
  • Positive first touch forward and into space, setting up their next move.
  • Allow no ball to stop totally, and if possible –No ball to bounce!

Retain the Ball

-Get the ball under control and protected from defenders. -This may involve taking the ball into space or shielding the ball.


Release the Ball

-Players should look to play forward passes when the opportunity presents itself. -Or, shoot on goal.


Ingrain the following Defending habits: 

Read the Game

Be constantly aware of:
-Personal Position on the field
-Position of the ball on the field
-Position of Teammates
-Position of the Opponents on the field.


Position yourself to close down the space.

  • Cut-off passing lanes closest to the 1st Attacker.
  • Run to block the goal and pressure the ball.
  • Ideally, one or two players should put direct pressure on the 1st Attacker


  • Sideways on like a boxer
  • Knees bent
  • On the balls of the feet
  • Ready to move in any direction

Regain Ball Possession

In Ready Stance, use the front foot to ‘jab’ at the ball to force attackers to make a mistake as they run out of options and give up the ball.

Or using the front foot to block the ball from going in the right or left direction and using the back foot to execute a ‘block’ tackle (shown below)


-See Players as students, Referees as impartial, and Parents as family


-Your knowledge of player development, the game, and the rules


-Working with other adults…


-Do it to improve yourself and your players. Always be learning.


Fundamentals without them, you are nothing! Never stop working on …

-Reading the Game for Attacking, Running to Attack, Receiving the Ball, Retaining the Ball, Releasing the ball, and communicating.

-Reading the Game for Defending, Running to Defend, Ready Stance, Rejecting Advancement, Regaining ball possession, and communicating.

Attitude must be positive to learn the fundamentals. Be patient, encouraging, and supportive with both yourself and your teammates.

Intelligent application of fundamentals and attitude.

Teamwork – you can’t do it by yourself. 

Hard work – you must practice/play soccer every day.


No need for FAITH. You are omnipotent, according to FIFA.


Fun is what you need when making and applying the rules keeping the players in mind.

Attitude must be proper and always put the children/players first.

Intelligent rules must be developed to keep the children/players safe.

Teamwork is your bottom line when working with other adults.

Hard work is needed because just having a title does not accomplish the job!


Forget attending a game if you are having a bad day.

Attend games only after a night of alcoholic binging.

Inner peace – We promise that the game & your child will turn out OK.

Tape – Duct tape around the mouth seems to do the job. And learn how to speak with your child after a game.

Home – is where some adults should be while their child is playing. 

There is nothing more substantial than having FAITH in each other and having FAITH that things will turn out right! 


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