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This article focuses on how the French Federation outlined and successfully orchestrated the rebirth of French football. I know it would have drastically helped ‘reset’ ours. The French Federation (FFF), under the guidance of Ami Jacquet, outlined and successfully orchestrated the improvement of French coaches/players.  I am positive this information can also help ‘reboot’ US […]

WORLD CUP HOLDERS: Emphasis, Philosophy & Principles of Play

I want to ‘Thank’ the hundreds of people, who responded to my introductory article, “US Soccer Needs to Reboot.” Your positive comments were quite refreshing and thought-provoking. It is evident that you realize, ‘WE Are All In This Together!’ My interview with Ami Jacquet was shared with US Soccer 20 years ago on how the French Federation successfully […]

US Soccer Needs to Reset

Responding to the ‘Let the Debates Begin’ article. Roby Stahl advocated re-publishing several articles he wrote and shared with US Soccer 24 years ago [See Reset #1].   The articles were written after Roby met with Ami Jacquet, the French National Team Head Coach, after winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2000 European Championships. […]

Getting Along With Your Coach

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A coach can be described as an expert who has spent a lifetime acquiring and perfecting knowledge in a particular area. He is a friend who sometimes reminds you of what you already know and just fine-tunes it. He also teaches you new things to expand your horizons. As he can have a tremendous impact on your athletic […]

Small Sided Games?

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Small Sided Games? I received this letter from one of my coaching colleagues, Ashley in New Jersey, and thought it was thought-provoking! While watching the Sky Blue team play the LA Sol this weekend an internal fight between me and my coaches reared its ugly head as I found myself arguing the “touch” versus “keep […]

The French Football Federation Technical Advisory Board and Player Selection Process

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The French Football Federation Technical Advisory Board and Player Selection Process This is the third article in a series that was started two years ago. Please refer to the previous articles for background information. Some items will be discussed again as thing change in the world of soccer federations, curriculums and training methods. This article […]

Your Master Plan for Playing Soccer

You have decided to play soccer at the college of your choice. It’s good to aim high. If you aim for heaven and you miss, you’ll still hit the stars or at least the tree tops). You must have a master plan to enable you to head toward your goals. The mistake most players make is […]

Stretching the Truth

by  Roby Stahl    The more I delve into the athletic development side of training athletes I am finding how most players have lower body deficiencies and how this prevents them from fulfilling their potential in competition.  It starts with poor warm-up habits and continues with non-appropriate or outdated strength training activities.  Most conditioning programs rely […]

This Must Have Been Hilarious to Watch

by  Roby Stahl We here in the USA are clearly missing the point on proper defending tactics….. Forget England/Argentina/Germany/Portugal and all the rest and listen to this one. It concerns a match played between Barbados and Grenada in cup competition. Barbados needed to win the game by two clear goals in order to progress to […]