Making a Positive Impact on the Future

In the early afternoon of Sunday, October 4, I received a phone call from Linda SoRelle (Assistant Commissioner of D7).  An unexpected Sunday phone call from Linda got my mind wondering why her call.  Not knowing what I would hear, I was a bit anxious when I heard her voice.  To my surprise, she was […]

Great Games Begin Before the First Kick-off.

In many activities, just having a good start does not always guarantee a successful experience.  Officials who invest some time to prepare and start on the right foot are providing themselves a positive environment to face the demands of the upcoming task thereby improving their chances of a successful experience. First of all, it goes […]

Number One Priority is Players Safety

Athletes of all ages and at all levels have the potential to be injured and it is the Number One Priority of all officials to keep players safe. The game is constantly evolving and changes will take place.  Whether it is due to players’ size, speed, strength, or equipment, officials are expected to keep players […]

Getting Back to Officiating Sensibly

The following information has been edited and is being shared from an article recently published by NASO—-The National Association of Sports Officials.  It is a multi-point plan aimed at taking a common-sense approach to the restart of officiating. When games start to be played referees will be receiving requests for their services.  What will be […]

First Impressions.

As many of us look forward with optimism for a prompt return to active play, the time for referees to return to the fields may be just around the corner. There are many preparations associated with being a referee.  Some, such as having the proper equipment and being current on the Laws of the Game, […]

When Does an Official’s Jurisdiction Begin and End?

          Officials cannot enforce competition rules until a match officially starts. However, legal and administrative needs extend beyond what the rulebook mentions regarding an official’s jurisdiction.           For example, the responsibility of checking the field, the game ball, and each player’s equipment takes place before a match and before an official’s jurisdiction officially begins. Failure […]

Ways to a More Successful Game

Officials need to have a good understanding of the game and their role as an official or they are destined to see a game quickly disintegrate and find themselves in trouble. In order to do the job to the best of their ability, officials are expected to have a higher than average knowledge of the […]


Nobody is perfect.  Human beings make mistakes.  It is a part of life.  Yet, many coaches, players, parents, and others who attend sporting events expect officials to be perfect. Like players and coaches, officials strive for perfection.  They do all they can to make the right decisions and make the correct calls in order to […]

Decisions That Hinder.

 There is no promise that hard work and dedication will guarantee a world-renown or stellar career. Many officials commit the time and effort it takes to become the best they can be. Initially, all officials strive to be the best. Still, along the way, some make decisions that create unnecessary hurdles on the path to […]