Officiating non-sanctioned matches: A Good Idea or Bad?

It is not unusual for a licensed official to be asked to work a non-sanctioned match.  Whether someone has already been asked to officiate one or will in the future, anyone who is contacted needs to consider some things prior to accepting an assignment. With a referee license, an official working a sanctioned game has […]

Minimizing Mistakes

When officials are confronted with making quick, split-second, and unexpected judgments regarding actions taking place in the blink of an eye, there is a different issue to be dealt with that is not necessarily included in the rulebook. Everyone will rely on the official to make the best decision they can. Depending on an official’s […]

Six Values for Referees to Consider

Referees who follow a set of values and the rules and mechanics of the game; are more apt to be respected and be sought-after than those who do not. Here are six values for your consideration: Be flexible.  Flexible means “not rigid and responsive to, or readily adjustable to changing conditions.”  The game of soccer […]

Officials’ Errors Can Create Problems.

During a match, officials respond to statements made by players or coaches in a way that inflames the situation. Some officials will respond defensively when it might have been better to ignore the comments or respond more professionally, controlled, and soothingly. These officials often create a mountain out of a molehill or add more fuel […]

Becoming A “Good Referee!

This question often surfaces in the mind of recently licensed or experienced officials who aspire to become “good referees.” One thing that immediately comes to mind is that the referee must act to control the game before the players control it.  It is far easier to lose control of a game than regain it. How […]

Setting the Tone

            The initial formal education, training, and testing of officials may be behind them but once any match gets underway referees are being put to a test.  Players, coaches, and some fans are often eager to find out how the referee plans to orchestrate their match.  The referee meanwhile is preparing for what the players […]

Making a Positive Impact on the Future

In the early afternoon of Sunday, October 4, I received a phone call from Linda SoRelle (Assistant Commissioner of D7).  An unexpected Sunday phone call from Linda got my mind wondering why her call.  Not knowing what I would hear, I was a bit anxious when I heard her voice.  To my surprise, she was […]

Great Games Begin Before the First Kick-off.

In many activities, just having a good start does not always guarantee a successful experience.  Officials who invest some time to prepare and start on the right foot are providing themselves a positive environment to face the demands of the upcoming task thereby improving their chances of a successful experience. First of all, it goes […]

Number One Priority is Players Safety

Athletes of all ages and at all levels have the potential to be injured and it is the Number One Priority of all officials to keep players safe. The game is constantly evolving and changes will take place.  Whether it is due to players’ size, speed, strength, or equipment, officials are expected to keep players […]