Officiating Games Using TWO Referees (Strength and Weaknesses).

            For some time, the most recognized and acceptable way to officiate soccer games has been to use the 3-official system.  In recent times, however, the 2-official system has gained popularity, especially in lower levels of play. Its use has become necessary due to the constant decline in the number of licensed and available officials. […]

Ways to Fine-Tune Refereeing Skills

Ways to Fine-Tune Your Refereeing Skills While many recently licensed officials strive to have successful field experiences by focusing on looking professional, showing good knowledge of the Laws of the Game, and making crisp signals, other areas may need some fine-tuning to help make a good referee into a better referee. Read more… Keep hands […]

Skills and Habits of Successful Officials

Skills and Habits of Successful Officials All should agree that knowledge of the Laws and mechanics is vital and crucial for an official to succeed. However, some officials have additional skills and habits that help them be more successful and earn more respect than others. 1. Arrive Early at the game site. Always plan to […]

Return to Play Guidelines for Referees

RETURN to PLAY GUIDELINES for REFEREES The Assignment: • You are not required to accept any game. As an independent contractor, you are not required to accept a game. It is your choice, and you should take into consideration your comfort level. • Be conscious when accepting game assignments and do not accept a game […]


Proper Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Post-Pandemic Refereeing … “Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.”  Max Ehrman, Desiderate, Circa 1920  A meeting or casual discussion with referees is usually incomplete without comments or concerns about coaches and spectators yelling. It goes without saying that when one becomes […]

Dealing with Missed Calls

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During soccer games, referees make countless decisions and signal correctly. At times however, officials can be seen pointing in the wrong direction, missing a flag from an assistant, blowing the whistle when it is not needed or showing cards when they could have used an alternate way to handle a situation.

We are all human and are bound to make mistakes but it is how we explain our decisions, how quickly we correct them and how often we make them that determines how effective we are at successfully controlling the games we are asked to orchestrate.

The Importance of Body Language

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Communication is more than listening or hearing the spoken words. While communicating with others, our body language is just as important and powerful as the words that come out of our mouth. Just like using profane language or a different tone of voice, our body language is just as important as verbal communication. Positive body […]

Help is There (If You Only Go and Look For It)

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Whether you are a young aspiring official or one who has some years of experience, you are looking to reach the next level in your career and you are not necessarily getting the help and support you would like from those around you.  What do you do and where can you look for help? If […]

Do it Properly

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Referees could avoid some criticism by showing more pride and professionalism in their work. In any game and at any level you will hear referees being criticized.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, but it is a constant happening.  The reason for this criticism almost always comes from two basic areas. The first is due […]