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Advanced Ball Control Training

Welcome to June’s article on the use of advanced ball control skills! It’s 2018 which means it’s a World Cup year and the excitement is ramping up. We often get asked what types of services Soccer in Slow Motion provides and one of the most exciting ones is event entertainment. This summer we will be […]

What Are Your Players Capable Of?

Advanced Ball Control Training – Team Programs Welcome back, this is Louie from Soccer in Slow Motion. This article includes 3 video links to from youth highlights to pro futsal so be sure to check them out! This month I’ll share with you the progress made when we applied the most relevant “street soccer” skills […]

Soccer in Slow Motion

SISM Street Soccer and Freestyle Hello and welcome to Soccer in Slow Motion (SISM), an advanced skill training program. I’m Louie Mata, founder of SISM and long-time player and coach. The first question we get is: “what is soccer in slow motion”? Well let me start with a brief overview and share with you what […]