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Experts:  Louie Mata and Tony Kuster offer insights on the ‘Down-to-Earth’ article. Some excellent points in Cony’s article, as we’ve all experienced the frustration of field limitations. I had the privilege of playing in Denmark with Cony Konstin. It was a surprise for us young American players to see so many dirt fields to play […]

For Players – To Make a Commitment

December is here, and we can all look forward to winter break as well as those New Year’s resolutions! So how can we have fun and improve? I’m going to give you a couple of ideas that will help you gain new skills and further refine your existing skills. We all understand that it’s easy […]

Street Soccer Promotes Sportsmanship and Fair Play

In a time when we look to see how we can reduce referee abuse; sideline coaching from well-meaning coaches and parents; to continuing to improve sportsmanship is always welcomed. In this article, I’d like to share what it’s like inside the ‘street soccer scene’ from the top down. As mentioned before, street soccer has evolved […]

How many times can you juggle?

Are you getting ready for the summer? What activities will you suggest your players practice? The summertime can be a great opportunity to play pick-up games, practice new skills, and enjoy learning to control the ball in fun, creative ways. Learning advanced ball control skills brings joy to the player as well as those around […]

Skill Tutorial #2

Juggling Basics – In depth and best training practices! We’re going to review the basics of juggling a little further as it serves as a foundation for ball control and get everyone started off on the right foot in 2019! We’ll cover 1) Technique, 2) Mental notes, and 3) Rewarding Training Methods. These very same […]

Skill Tutorial #1

It’s the off-season for many, the holidays are here, and many will have a break over the winter! Maybe it’s cold outside, maybe it’s raining or snowing, no matter there are plenty of opportunities to keep improving your skills indoors or outdoors! So on that, note we begin a series of skill tutorials. This month’s […]

I Wasn’t Very Skilled

Hello everyone and welcome to this month’s article. The Halloween season has been packed with pumpkins and little monsters running around and here we are in November! We come into the end of the year when the season is winding down and teams are looking into off-season options. Many will play the 5v5 game of […]

Improving Your Players

It’s the end of August and a chance to look back on events in which we participated. One notable event for Soccer in Slow Motion took place with FUNdamental Soccer and the Tracy Youth Soccer League. It was an opportunity to share our advanced ball control skills with the players, take part in coaching clinics, […]

SISM and Sissi

Well it’s July which means we have seen lots of World Cup action! At Soccer in Slow Motion we’ve enjoying sharing the advanced ball control skills around the US for World Cup viewing parties! And everywhere we go we’re often surprised by the skill level of players who come join us at events. Today’s youth […]