Player Development Starts at the Socks

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Player Development Starts at the Socks Have you ever watched the best players in the world and wondered: how did they do that? They perform a brilliant pass, finding a player in the open while being under extreme pressure. Or they score a brilliant goal and it seemed as if the player knew where everything […]

Yellow Shoes

by  John DeBenedictis Another World Cup has come to an end and the number of goals scored in the competition is down again. Since 1998, when they allowed 32 teams in the finals, the number of goals scored has dropped steadily. In 1998 there were 171 goals scored in 64 games. In 2002, it went down […]

Are Coaches Being Glorified?

by John DeBenedictis Question: I do not score goals, run for touchdowns or make baskets: I do not make passes, receive passes or make errant passes: I do not stop goals, make tackles or cover the opposition: I do not dribble, or stick handle around opponents: and I do not sacrifice my body physically for […]

Kids Drive Coaches to Coach; Parents Drive Coaches to Drink!

by John DeBenedictis  When coaches get together at annual convention, they go there to take in coaching sessions to become a better coach but they also get together to compare notes and talk about their experiences. One could also call it a giant group therapeutic psychology session. And quite often, the topic reverts back to […]