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Marc wrote … I will say, “I am NOT in Favor of Coed Teams!” After watching my son, daughter, and nieces, I went from “Coed is fine” to “No Way Coed is Bad for the Girls.” I watched my daughter and nieces blossom when they didn’t have to deal with the more dominant boys who […]


Coaches Rich Jablonski, Chris Sieber, and Scott Benbow, well-regarded in youth soccer, share their valuable insights in response to my article, ‘A BOLD STAND FOR CHANGE.‘ For their experiences and ideas on improving the future of youth soccer in a bold way … Much of this phenomenon goes back to the primary driver in all […]

A Tale of Passion, Perseverance, and Community.

In the world of soccer, every player, coach, and volunteer has a unique story to tell. For one individual, their journey through the beautiful game not only encompasses their own experiences on the field but also their unwavering commitment to their community. Here’s a heartfelt account of a soccer enthusiast who, over the years, has […]


Reviewed by Jay Engeln, past President of United Soccer Coaches (NSCAA) Relentless . . . by author Tim Schum is a powerful collection of stories and interviews that captures the commitment, dedication, and challenges faced by the collective American soccer coaching community over generations of the sport’s evolution.  Incorporating stories, interviews, fascinating moments, and memorable […]


Explore interesting and thought-provoking viewpoints from four experienced youth coaches dedicated to developing ALL players’ potential who responded to my article ‘World Cup Takes Backseat!‘ A Call for Clarity and Understanding This was an excellent read, and the points raised are extremely important. I fear that the system and processes we have currently have taken […]

Benefiting Children in Youth Soccer

Youth soccer, like all sports, has as its immediate and specific objective a team being victorious in a game. To make youth soccer available to all kids, thousands of volunteers give selflessly countless hours of their time, donate incredible talent and expertise, and endure all kinds of stresses and disruptions in their personal and professional […]


I have noticed how toxic and chaotic the sidelines are in youth sports.  Coaches and parents screaming instructions.  At the players.  What chance do these players have of developing?  Or even enjoying this beautiful game? At weekend games, there’s no doubt we get excited to watch the team play.  Calling out instructions and yelling our […]


Dr. Jozsef Fabian comments on the ‘Open Letter’ Roby Stahl sent to US Soccer. I cannot go into every detail of (Roby Stahls’ article – ‘US Soccer Needs to Reset) and everything that US Soccer does poorly.  There is insufficient time to deal with all that in one article.  However, the answers can be found […]


The author (John Magnusson) missed a central point — the over-emphasis on competition (wins and losses) as opposed to player development. In short, every hour spent riding a bus 600 miles to play is lost in physical, technical, and tactical development. I also challenge the notion that the quality of coaching education and certification is […]