Addressing Our Referee Shortage (TWO SOLUTIONS)

Officiating games using TWO Referees (Strength and Weaknesses) For some time, the most recognized and acceptable way to officiate soccer games has been to use the 3-official system.  In recent times, however, the 2-official system has gained popularity, especially in lower levels of play. Its use has become necessary due to the constant decline in […]

Best Advice Ever Received

Whats the best advice?

Alan Miller, “Do everything you do with this as your number #1 priority/goal.” “You want EVERY player to play again next season!” Whether they sign up for more soccer or choose volleyball next season, you have done a wonderful job if they play again. Make this a promise to the parents and yourself. “I want […]

Point & Counter-Point

The discussion began amiably when my FUNdamental SOCCER FB group received and posted the following… (Point) Why is “playing time” even an issue in YOUTH soccer? Everyone should play as much as possible; otherwise, how will you get increased development across the board? In YOUTH soccer, focusing on just a few players based on arbitrary […]


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According to B.M. Cashman, Athletic Director, Perry A. Novaks’ recent article on,  “My Son, the Criminal,” is “outstanding stuff-well written, the whole nine if you’re a parent-even if your son(s)/daughter(s) do not play soccer-it’s a must-read. Share-share-share!” Many more affirmative responses were received in the days following the release of the article that I […]

My Son the Criminal

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My Son the Criminal My 11-year-old son Kyle is a threat to national security. He must be, or it wouldn’t take an Act of Congress to let him play soccer with his school friends. Our sad tale began innocently enough on a sunny day several months ago, when our local soccer club held tryouts for […]

The 10 Principles for Soccer Coaching Success

The 10 Principles for Soccer Coaching Success START BY DOING WHAT’S NECESSARY THEN WHAT’S POSSIBLE AND SUDDENLY YOU ARE DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE St. Francis of Assisi Listed are ten basic principles of success. If one could learn and put these ten principles into action in their coaching life, success will stand an excellent chance of […]

My Definition of a Coach

Getting back to coaching after the ‘Coronavirus shutdown ‘may not be as easy as it sounds. Studying and understanding the message in “My Definition of a Coach,” written by my dear friend, the late Bob Asklof, should help everyone transition. A YOUTH COACH is successful if he/she can accomplish FOUR KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL COACHING at […]

SYNERGY (Part -3)

TEACHABLE MOMENTS At a particularly teachable moment, we pulled the team together, and I asked whom it hurt if they didn’t give their best effort in our 1 vs. 1 games? In typical U-12 fashion, all responded that they were only hurting themselves if they gave less than their best in practice. But through a […]

SYNERGY (Part – 2)

Successful, Purposeful and Deliberate Coaching (Part -2) Keeping the developmental needs in mind, how do I balance what Dewazien has demonstrated against Dorrance’s highly successful North Carolina model? Having taught both kindergartens and at the college level, the solution was simple for me. Start with Dewazien’s U-6 model and work my way up to the […]