You Become A Champion Through Hard Work!

 by  Coach Gianni Mininni Very often we make the common mistake of thinking that champions are born that way. Sure, talent is an important component, but it’s only that. One of the components in the ‘recipe’ for making a champion. More often than we believe, those who became outstanding champions, were kids with grave physical […]

The four “D’s” of success in soccer and in life, too!

 by  Coach Gianni Mininni Very often, we have the ‘desire’ to achieve something, but we don’t have the ’determination’ to go to the end. To do this, we need ’dedication’ and this means, to give our time systematically. To do this takes one fundamental thing: ‘discipline‘! 1. DESIRE 2. DETERMINATION 3. DEDICATION 4. DISCIPLINE I […]