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Can My Child Play With A Cold?

by  Leonard Marks, MD Common question asked of Pediatricians are: When can my child return to school? Can my child play sports (in this case soccer)? The answer to this question is: “Yes.” Seriously, there are two criteria: First, the child should not be contagious; and secondly, he should be able to function at a […]

Will Playing in the Rain Hurt My Child?

by  Leonard Marks, MD A problem commonly dealt with for those of use who run or have run soccer leagues is: When do we cancel games if it is raining? While we know rain can be harmful to the fields, is it harmful to children? Does rain, wet, cold cause pneumonia? Can wet weather cause […]

Rapid Breathing – One Scenario

by  Leonard Marks, MD At least two or three times a year in my meandering as a coach, referee, or fan I am called to help a child who is absolutely petrified that she (since this occurs more commonly in females than males, I will use the female pronoun) cannot breathe. This athlete is often […]

A Synopsis on Stretching

by  Leonard Marks, MD  I just read an synopsis of an article from the Clinical journal of Sports Medicine involving stretching. The author, I. Shrier ,did a major review of the literature and went through 138 articles involving stretching and sports. Of those 138, only 12 had control groups (one group with stretching and one […]

Medicine Man

by  Leonard Marks, MD  Of course the medicine man does not live in the village.  His area is a couple of miles downriver where it is quieter permitting him to meditate.  He lives in a thatched roofed hut (approx 18’ X 40’) with partial walls, electricity or plumbing.  It is made out of natural materials. […]

Platitudes!!! Platitudes!!! Platitudes!!!

by  Leonard Marks, MD  Platitudes, platitudes, platitudes!!!!!!!!!! Winning is not important! What’s important is how you play the game! It’s your attitude!!! Hogwash. Winning, in today’s society is important. For some bizarre reason, consistent with my personality when I think of a platitude I have always had a mental picture of Daffy Duck (you know […]

To Screeen or NOT TO Screen, That is the questions or The Life and Legend of UVB

by  Leonard Marks, MD Dear sweet innocent sunlight – warming the sole, making plants grow, a wonderful source on energy.  Also, burning skin and causing cancer. Depending on which studies you read people get 50 to 80 percent of their lifetime exposure to sunlight before the age of 18 to 20 years.  Of course this […]