Burnout Ahead?

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Burnout Ahead? The headline in the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch read, “Top soccer players don’t have time to kick back.” The story documented the summer of a number of Central Ohio soccer players, both boys and girls. All told of the time commitment youth soccer requires. • Brandon Lacko, a senior at Westerville South High School: […]

Does Experience Matter?

 by  Dr. Jay Martin, Editor NSCAA Soccer Journal What went right? What went wrong? How could I have done better? Those of us involved in sport talk about “experience” all the time. Soccer players (and coaches) who have been in the game a long time have “experience”. Players and coaches who have played in a […]

Communicating With Players in Practice at Games or Just in Passing

submitted by  Dr. Jay Martin, Editor NSCAA Soccer Journal Written By George Perry III Former NSCAA President Would you want someone to tell you what to do every step of the way? I am fortunate to have a job allowing me to watch lots of soccer.  The players range in age from 7 to 18.  […]

The Importance of Practice – Talent v Hard Work

by  Dr. Jay Martin, Editor NSCAA Soccer Journal Surely, what separates one soccer player from another is the level of talent, right? That is the conventional wisdom and, coaches, teachers and parents support that paradigm! But is it true? How should this affect you as a coach? Talent, experience and practice… In his book, Outliers, […]

Playing v Competing

by  Dr. Jay Martin, Editor NSCAA Soccer Journal In early September, there was an NCAA Division I game between two top 10 teams, one from the West coast and one from the East coast. It was an early season special. Two big-time programs went at each other, each hoping to make a statement for the […]

Officials’ v Coaches: The Age Old Story

by  Dr. Jay Martin, Editor NSCAA Soccer Journal It seems to be getting worse. After observing the relationship between coaches and officials for over thirty years, it is getting worse. It is getting worse at all levels. The relationship between players and officials and coaches and officials in all sports is difficult at best. Coaches and players just […]