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Mental Training in Practice

In support of and adding to Article III—Access to Quality Coaching—from the FUNdamental SOCCER ‘Bill of Rights,‘ Dr. Jay Martin, author of the newly released book ‘Lessons from the Best Coach: Develop a Winning Team Culture that Lasts,’ shares these valuable GUIDELINES: We expect every player to work on the mental side in practice just […]


Referees are well acquainted with the involvement of coaches and parents in officiating games from the sidelines, which is a persistent issue they face every season. However, envision a revolutionary transformation of the sidelines in youth soccer games. Despite continuous efforts by soccer authorities to tackle the issue of inappropriate behavior from coaches and spectators […]

PERSPECTIVE CHECK (Part 2) Solutions

We established in Perspective Check (Part 1) that the very nature of our soccer culture produces more losers than winners.  Let’s reverse this trend by understanding… There are two ways we eliminate youth soccer players. The first is cutting players. Cutting includes either cutting the player from the sport totally or cutting the player from […]


Are we creating a nation of kids who can win but cannot play the game? Let’s take a look…   Here we go again. As soccer coaches and educators, it seems that we must teach each new generation of youth coaches about the overemphasis on winning in this country. One need not look further than […]

The Game Is the Greatest Revealer

The phrase “the game is the greatest teacher” holds many truths. It has been a common refrain of many coaching schools over the past decade. Still, it can also create a false impression that kids always learn best by playing “the game.” If we acknowledge that the game itself is the most complex environment to […]

Start With the End in Mind

Any instructional program for a youth soccer player must meet the athlete’s needs in two FUNdamental respects: 1. The player must have the opportunity to learn The Game in a manner that enables continued enjoyment of soccer for as long as they wish to play.  This includes: Developing a solid foundation in the game’s skills, […]

For Coaches to Consider

Here are some thoughts you should consider as you plan a training session: Make a plan and write it down.  Carry it on the field with you and use it as a guide.  Do not “Wing It”! Instead of running to promote fitness, use small-sided games.  You will increase fitness, technique and tactics with SSG!!! […]


Before the pandemic, many soccer coaches were convinced that a specific ‘System of Play’ was the secret recipe that would guarantee victory and success. Are you still one of them? If you are a ‘Systems-Supporter,’ then you may want to heed the advice of some very successful coaches who believe that soccer cannot be evaluated […]

Coaching from Strength

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I just finished the summer “College ID Camps” circuit.  I saw hundreds of players who want to play in college and talked to scores of coaches.  One topic repeatedly came up with the college coaches…the lack of intensity of the players.  When the players were tired they stopped running; when it was hot they stopped […]