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What Makes A Good Coach? #6

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg Great coaches UNDERSTAND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES IN THEIR ATHLETES – The best coaches have a basic understanding that each athlete on their team is different in attitude, personality, response-ability, sensitivity and how they handle criticism and adversity. These coaches take the time to get to know each athlete’s individual differences and styles. […]

What Makes A Good Coach? #5

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg Great coaches DO NOT LET THEIR EGOS AND SELF-WORTH GET TIED UP IN THE OUTCOME –  The best coaches are mentally healthy enough to know that they are NOT their performances, regardless of what others around them may say. They do not feel diminished as an individual when their teams fail […]

What Makes A Good Coach? #4

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg The best coaches KEEP THE GAME IN PERSPECTIVE – They do not get distracted by how big any one game is in relation to their job as a teacher. Similarly, they understand that sports are just games and are merely a vehicle to teach their charges other, more important life lessons. […]

What Makes A Good Coach? #3

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg Great coaches are GREAT LIFE TEACHERS – A good coach understands that what he/she is teaching goes far beyond the X’s & O’s.  This kind of coach does not just teach the skills, technique and strategy within the narrow confines of the sport. Instead he/she looks for opportunities where the more […]

What Makes A Good Coach? #2

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg The really effective coaches DO NOT USE EMBARRASSMENT & HUMILIATION AS “TEACHING TOOLS” – They understand that embarrassing or humiliating a young athlete for a mistake, failure or short-coming is an aggressive assault on that athlete that doesn’t build mental toughness or enhance performance!  There is NOTHING educational or constructive about […]

What Makes A Good Coach? #1.

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg The very best coaches GET THEIR ATHLETES TO BELIEVE in themselves – Good coaches inspire their players to do more than they think they can. In fact, all good teachers do this. They get their students to entertain possibilities that stretch the limits of their beliefs. Part of this involves building […]

A Short Story About Quitting

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg A story is told about two brothers who sold all they had back East and headed West for the promise of great riches during the California gold rush. Early on in their prospecting, they discovered a vein of the shining ore, staked a claim and proceeded to get down to the […]

Learn to Step-Aside

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg Making time to serve your athletes means frequently asking yourself, “How can I help this athlete or situation?” Understand, however, that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fix every problem. Repair work may be needed at times, but many creative coaches find that they serve best by stepping aside […]

Use Positive Feedback

by  Dr. Alan Goldberg Use compliments and positive feedback in relation to your athletes’ efforts. Giving athletes timely praise and attention is crucial for developing their self-confidence and fueling their motivation. Be sure to practice catching your athletes doing things right. Consistent negative feedback and criticism without any positive feedback will eventually make your players […]