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Affirmative Action in Hunting for Female Coaches.

 by  Coach Diane Boettcher I just spent a week in Oregon with my cousin- a mom who plays soccer and coaches the local high school varsity team. Her own daughter went to the Dark Side- tried out for volleyball. Anyhow, I have always been one to tout the great benefits of positive male role models […]

Why Not More Soccer Moms Coaching?

 by  Coach Diane Boettcher I met a solo mom who coached her daughter’s team so that she could multi-task. As the coach, she could schedule her daughter’s training sessions to match those of her son’s team. Games usually coincided, but because the weekday training sessions matched precisely, this soccer mom made the best use of […]

Coaching During the Game (Part 2)

 by  Coach Diane Boettcher Having seen T-ball leagues where coaches are on the field during games coaching the players, I ask two questions. First, why don’t more parents play baseball (or soccer) with their kids at home? And where is the element of play in all that control? A coach who wants to be on […]