We Are Not Powerless!

BILL HOWE, seasoned coach and advocate for youth soccer, was kind enough to pen some compelling responses to the challenges I presented in my article, ‘A BOLD STAND FOR CHANGE.  Here are his insights and experiences on how we can reshape the future of youth soccer. Koach Karl, in your article, “A Bold Stand for […]


Coach Bill Howe continues to delve deeper into the groundbreaking insights of Tom Byers’ paradigm-shifting article, ‘Why Coaching the Coaches Isn’t the Solution,‘ In Sports and Education, I see a belief that adult control is fundamental to learning. I politely disagree. In that scenario, children are assessed on outcomes. This short-term vision is not sustained […]


Great read! What Tom Byer writes, “Why Coaching the Coaches Isn’t the Solution,” makes absolute sense. Our difficulty in North America is that we have structures in place that have been around for a considerable amount of time. I have always preached that coaches’ goal should be to make themselves redundant or at least wean […]


I have been involved in this discussion, ‘US Soccer Needs to Reset,’ for over four decades. The problems I saw in the seventies that were hot-button issues are virtually the same ones we have today. As they say, “there is nothing new under the Sun.” The fact that this has been on the table for so long […]


Having children actively engage in the analysis is always a good idea.  Rather than just watching a game for entertainment purposes, although there is nothing wrong with that.  Getting them mentally engaged,  “Watch With a Purpose” develops their understanding. I might add one more thing for those players who are a little more experienced.  Looking […]


What are the “traits of a model youth coach”? The topic is broad so I will confine my thoughts to a few specific points. There are many types and levels of youth coaches, from the parents pressed into service (press gangs – see British naval history) to the top end, ex-professional players. The other major […]


Great read! ‘Resolutions Aren’t Just for the New Year!’  I agree, setting individual goals is important so children understand personal responsibility and not just going through the motions.  I used to be a boxer in my youth.  Individual sports make it clear to every child that they are directly responsible and accountable to themselves.  I can […]

Addressing an Obstacle to Skill Development

On December 14, I participated in an event called, “Stress-Free Finals with Your Teen.” Many of you, including Bill Howe, the Director at WC Howe Institute, have been kind enough to read the article I posted promoting the event. I want to share with you Bill’s response because he made some great points and asked […]

Bits of Wisdom for Youth Coaches (Continued)

I have a lot of years behind me in coaching and the experience that comes with that. Wisdom?? That I will leave to others. As someone once said, things seldom stay neutral; generally, they are either negative or positive. It is often a case of “idle hands and the devils’ workshop” for some parents and […]