What are the “traits of a model youth coach”? The topic is broad so I will confine my thoughts to a few specific points. There are many types and levels of youth coaches, from the parents pressed into service (press gangs – see British naval history) to the top end, ex-professional players. The other major […]


Great read! ‘Resolutions Aren’t Just for the New Year!’  I agree, setting individual goals is important so children understand personal responsibility and not just going through the motions.  I used to be a boxer in my youth.  Individual sports make it clear to every child that they are directly responsible and accountable to themselves.  I can […]

Addressing an Obstacle to Skill Development

On December 14, I participated in an event called, “Stress-Free Finals with Your Teen.” Many of you, including Bill Howe, the Director at WC Howe Institute, have been kind enough to read the article I posted promoting the event. I want to share with you Bill’s response because he made some great points and asked […]

Bits of Wisdom for Youth Coaches (Continued)

I have a lot of years behind me in coaching and the experience that comes with that. Wisdom?? That I will leave to others. As someone once said, things seldom stay neutral; generally, they are either negative or positive. It is often a case of “idle hands and the devils’ workshop” for some parents and […]