What do we do Now?

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During the winter months, I live in South Florida. It is warm and we have many friends here. There is no soccer, so I take a winter break from that. I met a friend who has a son-in-law who was a soccer player in England. He now coaches youth teams in New England. I thought, […]

Simple Match Analysis

Being alone on the sidelines, I use my #2 Keeper, Assistant Coach or a Parent to take notes. This is the best player to view the game and give me help. If I use a field player there is difficulty of who gets the notes next when players run on and off the field. So […]

Easy To Learn & Easy To Teach

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Easy To Learn & Easy To Teach Being retired with nothing better to do, I flew to Oakland from New York and was then driven to Sonoma State University to watch how coaches are trained there. I spent a few days with Karl Dewazien and his staff while they trained 52 candidates for the “D” […]

Procrustes’ Bed of Education

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Procrustes’ Bed of Education When I first went into education I became a reading supervisor and then the title was changed to curriculum supervisor to cover all subjects. So I brushed up on all subjects and loved math most of all. I taught summer school and tutored kids in math. I taught them how to […]

Painting With a Soccer Ball

by  Alan Maher The summer is an easy time here on Long Island. Things slow down. I go to the library daily and it is quiet there. The parking lot is across the street next to a car repair shop. On a recent Saturday, I sat in my car in the parking lot looking at […]

Hop, Skip & Jump – Are You Kidding Me?

 By Alan Maher This same article could be written every summer following pre-season training. I could just change the title and some dates and mail it in every year. Same thing, same problem. This is the last week of July and various teams are being trained before the season begins, which is August. So I […]

“Co-Coaches of the Year – Taught”

by Alan Maher This was an interesting season for me as the team was very different from previous teams. The players had good footwork but lacked ability and knowledge of teamwork. So I spent the season developing that area of soccer. It was hard work and needed constant repetitions of what had been learned. It […]

Shooting and Scoring

By Alan Maher Here in New York State the month of June brings to an end the high school athletic program. The last games are lacrosse and the state finals were played up-state as is the rule. In the third division, which is based on school size, Manhasset High won for the third straight year. […]