Part Five: Uncomplicated, Devastatingly Effective

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Creative coaches are able to create specific rules/adjustments for practice games to correct weaknesses observed in the game.  Are you creative?

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Your proper use and understanding of Small Sided Games and Scrimmages both Cooperative & Competitive will help you become more creative –Guaranteed!

Tyler Vaughn and Koach Karl’s discussion continues by going into even greater detail of Steps -6 & 7 of the ‘9-Step Practice’.  This unique approach developed over decades, with its primary focus on Small Sided Games, has proven to improve players much quicker than traditional methods because:


  • Allow maximum touches of the ball in minimum amount of time.
  • Involves maximum number of players in a minimum amount of space.
  • Create an atmosphere where technique can be observed under game related conditions.
  • Create atmosphere resulting in improving physical fitness, technique and the variety to keep players interested


  • Play even or uneven sided games
  • Change the number of players on the field
  • Change the number of goals on the field
  • Change the number of balls on the field
  • Changes the number of ball-touches per player
  • Change the size of the playing area wider for attack
  • Change the size of the playing area narrower for defense
  • Have height limitation –ball may not go higher than knees
  • Use neutral players on or off the field
  • Use neutral zones on the field

Learn about this and other concepts as we continue our conversation above.

Karl Dewazien
Karl Dewazien
Koach Karl is the former State Director of Coaching for the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA), Author of the Internationally Published FUNdamental SOCCER Books Series, & Producer of the highly acclaimed ‘9-Step Practice Routine’ DVD.

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