ALL under ONE Federation

US Soccer is going through a very bad time right now: Yates Report-Berhalter/Reyna saga-SafeSport issues and child protection, lack of referees, and referee abuse…..

What is coming to light is that the game has grown dramatically in the USA. Now the federation has to start leading with experienced, educated people who have been in leadership roles in soccer in other federations rather than recycling the people who only know the current system.

People who know, work and live in the current broken US system but have worked outside too!

The game of soccer is very prominent now in the public eye and gets massive attention!

US Soccer must now bring everything soccer back in-house and set standards, monitor the standards, and set a strategy to grow the game based on solid sporting principles rather than individual greed.

Money has to be invested into staff who have a proven track record in this area of soccer and are prepared to deliver onWhat Soccer in the USA needs:

ONE merit-driven system for players

-ONE registration system for players

ONE registration for coaches

ONE Grassroots soccer organization

One regional soccer organization

ONE statewide organization in each state

ONE national team identification system

ALL under ONE Federation.

Not “Membership Good Old Boy” Agreements!

Find a place for college soccer and stop the exploitation of parents by clubs and colleges alike!

US Soccer needs “Specialist organizations” whose only focus is on their area of expertise in soccer.

As it stands now, the federation has farmed out most of its responsibilities. That is why it cannot control any of the issues that are inevitable in a broken system.

Experience is not a short-term thing!

Koach Karl’s Note