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AJFA Adopts the ‘Bill of Rights’

The idea of a formal “Bill of Rights” came from Karl Dewazien in a recent article, and using his base and permission to adopt the idea, I have developed the following thoughts on such a topic. This is only a starting point as consideration of the financial aspects of the “Bill of Rights” are still under review.

Establishing a formal “Bill of Rights” for junior soccer players under the Australian Junior Football Association (AJFA) will offer numerous benefits to junior players, their families, and the overall soccer community. We see the following as some of the key advantages to its incorporation into our Association:

Player Development and Well-Being:

  • Safety and Health: The Bill of Rights will prioritize the safety and well-being of young players by setting standards for equipment, facilities, and medical support.
  • Quality Coaching: Ensures that players have access to qualified coaches who prioritize skill development and provide a positive and supportive learning environment at all times. (Resource: For Coaches)
  • Equal Opportunities: Promotes equal opportunities for all junior players, regardless of gender, ability, or background, fostering a more inclusive and diverse soccer community.

Education and Awareness:

  • Knowledge and Awareness: Helps players, parents, and coaches understand their rights and responsibilities within the football association, enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • Player Rights: Informs young players about their rights regarding fair treatment, participation, and protection from discrimination and harassment.

Fair Play and Ethics:

  • Sportsmanship: Encourages good sportsmanship and ethical behaviour on and off the field, teaching important life lessons.
  • Respect for Officials: Promotes respect for referees, coaches, and opponents, which helps maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere during games.

Parent and Guardian Involvement:

  • Informed Parents and/or Guardians: Keeps parents informed about their children’s rights and responsibilities, ensuring they can advocate for their child’s well-being.
  • Positive Support: Encourages parents to provide positive and constructive support during games, fostering a positive atmosphere.

Accountability and Enforcement:

  • Grievance Procedures: Establishes clear procedures for addressing issues and disputes, ensuring a fair process for resolving conflicts.
  • Accountability: Holds administrators, coaches, and others accountable for their actions, leading to a safer and more equitable environment for players.

Long-Term Participation:

  • Retention and Enjoyment: By emphasizing a positive experience, the “Bill of Rights” will help retain young players in the sport and increase their long-term enjoyment and commitment.
  • Talent Development: Encourages the identification and nurturing of talent while maintaining a focus on the overall development of young players.

Community Building:

  • Stronger Soccer Community: Fosters a sense of community and unity among players, coaches, parents, and volunteers, strengthening the football association’s overall culture.
  • Positive Reputation: An AJFA with a strong commitment to player rights can enhance its reputation and attract more players and volunteers.

Compliance with National and International Standards:

Alignment with National and International Regulations: Ensures that AJFA is in compliance with national and international standards for youth sports, reducing the risk of legal issues.

In conclusion, the proposed formal Bill of Rights under the Australian Junior Football Association will benefit junior players by enhancing their development, safety, and enjoyment of the sport while also promoting a positive and inclusive soccer community. It will set clear expectations for all stakeholders and help maintain the integrity and credibility of the association.

However, while the Bill of Rights may not directly provide financial benefits to young players, it establishes a foundation that promotes accessibility, quality coaching, and a safe and supportive environment. These elements will indirectly lead to various financial advantages for young players and their families, ultimately making soccer a more economically feasible and rewarding endeavors for all.


Thank you, Stephen Romp, President of AJFA, for embracing the proposed ‘Bill of Rights’ with guidelines.

Soccer enthusiasts, join us in bringing the ‘Bill of Rights’ to national fruition. Champion this cause—share your suggestions and Become a Founding Supporter!

Send your advice, comments, concerns and opinions to –

Stephen Romp

Stephen Romp, President at Australian Junior Football Association