Fundamental Youth Soccer

HOW TO: 9 Step Practice Routine

Section 1: Beginning Practice

  • Practice as rehearsal for the game
  • Fun games related to the theme of the practice
  • Develping a “Routine”
  • Demonstration/explanation of the theme
  • The goal of the theme and more

Section 2: Warm Up

  • Figure 8 Stretch
  • Dribbling
  • Laying down the cones
  • Doing the Figure 8
  • Stretching within the Figure 8
  • Players set up the grid
  • Teach players to create the “buzz” word
  • Teach the players when to stretch
  • How to stretch the ankles
  • Stretch the calves
  • Stretch the groin
  • The quad stretch
  • The curl
  • Neck strengthening
  • Figure 8 variety
  • Teach the players to teach themselves and more

Section Three: One One

  • Cooperative play
  • Laying out the one one field
  • The “serve”
  • Push Peak Pass
  • Coaching the receiver
  • Look, Move, Bring the ball under control
  • Attaching themes and techniques
  • The “Magic Hop”
  • Defending techniques
  • The “ready” stance
  • Stoppages and corrections
  • Working together for improving basic skills and more

Section 4: One vs One

  • Competitive play
  • Have players play against all members of the team
  • Teach how to play one vs one without verbal instruction
  • Teach players how to start games with the serve
  • Stop games with the “buzz” word
  • How to rotate players
  • Teach players how to rotate on their own
  • Why it’s important to play stronger players against weaker players and vice versa
  • How to help players make their own decisions
  • When to make rules with one vs one
  • What to do during breaks and more

Section 5: Half-Time Routine

  • How to set up the half-time routine
  • How long is the half-time technique
  • Rehydrating the players and more

Section 6: Small Side Games

  • Formula for how many on a side
  • How many touches per player
  • When to use even sided games
  • When to use odd sided games
  • Cooperative small sided games
  • Competitive small sided games
  • Teaching players how and when to stop
  • When to coach and when to be silent
  • Formula for deciding distance between goals
  • When to make the field wider
  • When to make the field narrower and more …

Section 7: Scrimmage

  • Applying the theme in the scrimmage
  • Cooperative scrimmage
  • Competitive scrimmage
  • How long to scrimmage and more …

Section 8: Cool Down

  • Which stretches to do
  • The most important stretch to never leave out
  • Should players run to cool down and more …

Section 9: Ending Practice

  • Psychological cool down
  • Compliments and review
  • Assigning soccer homework
  • How to get players to want to come back
  • Making hard work seem like fun and more …

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