Fundamental Youth Soccer

The Parent of a Youth Soccer Player

All kids enjoy playing soccer

  • “Dear Mom & Dad
    We heard you talking about our playing team sports – especially soccer. Since this should be a family project, we would like to ask you a few questions and give you some of our thoughts.”

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  • Learning Soccer Together
    You are your child’s first and most influential teacher/coach. Make this learning experience together and as much fun as possible so your child becomes self-motivated and improves on his/her own.

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  • Healthy Halftime Snacks
    Summer is a perfect time to prepare for the fall soccer season. It is also an ideal time for athletes to improve their nutrition by making smart beverage choices. Obtaining adequate amounts of nutrient-rich beverages will positively impact an athlete’s performance and health.

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  • Keeping Kids Hydrated
    Some of this sounds way beyond what most of us would think of as common sense, but with the recent deaths of quite a few high school and college athletes, it seems like a good idea to repeat some of these hydration guidlines here.

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  • Soccer Day Food Choices
    Some healthy food choices for the youth athlete.

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  • Head Injuries Q & A
    with Don Andreassen, the president of Washington Youth Soccer for two and a half years. During his term, Andreassen has brought forth a constitutional convention process that has created a new constitution and bylaws for the State Association. In addition to a host of other initiatives, he is a member of the USSF Diversity Committee.

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  • Treating Soccer Injuries
    As a parent of a youth soccer player, you are going to find yourself dealing with any one of these injuries. How to be prepared.

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  • Research on Nutrition for Children
    Science-Based Policy Statement on Optimal Nutrition for Children Playing Soccer

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