Fundamental Youth Soccer

Nine Step Practice Routine

Koach Karl Dewazien 9 Step Practice Routine Soccer is a simple game to play, requiring simple skills. What makes great soccer players is perfecting these skills. Koach Karl Dewazien is a United States Soccer Federation “A” Licensed coach. He has dedicated his life to teaching coaches the most efficient way to teach our children. His techniques are both simple and effective and they get results. FUNdamental Practice of Champions is a 9-step routine that helps children become better soccer players while having fun.

This is the ultimate tutorial for coaching youth soccer. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran you’ll benefit immensely from the “9-Step Practice Routine because you’ll see the logical sequence and the brilliant – yet simple and easy – techniques taught by Koach Karl himself. The entire DVD was shot on the field. You’ll see close-ups and distance shots of every move… the exercise sequence to follow… and hear the exact words to say for best results. Koach Karl explains every step and the reasons behind it. He makes it clear and simple enough for a child to understand. And you SEE the move exactly as it should happen — eliminating confusion.

Just imagine being able to coach youth soccer anytime, almost anywhere without the embarrassment of just plain not knowing what to do next!

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