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Watch this inspiring video about how one dedicated Soccer Coach is helping Refugee children have a promising future. Your dedication to children can change their lives for the better.

  • Soccer: Simple Games – Simple Rules

    The game of Soccer is a simple game played with simple rules. Although the Laws of the Game are simple there are many interpretations put forth by FIFA and by USSF.
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  • Defending Tips

    Here’s a list of key aspects of good defending. Use these standards as your guide and you’ll be well on your way to playing tough defense, no matter who you’re playing against or facing.
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  • The Serve by Mark Machado

    This past July, I had the opportunity to take the National “D” Course in Stockton, California. I arrived on the afternoon of July 18. For the next four days, I ate, drank and slept soccer with a bunch of other soccer maniacs.
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  • Formations and Positions by Rick Meana, Director of Coaching, New Jersey Youth Soccer

    Formations and “designated positions” are not appropriate for U6-U8 play.
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  • Traits and Gifts of a Good Youth Coach by Dan Woog

    In nearly three decades in youth soccer, Dean Conway has seen plenty. However, the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Director of Coaching says there is always more to learn.
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  • Over-Coaching: Resist the Urge! by Dave Simeone

    Most of the sports that are currently predominant in our culture involve the coach as an active participant.
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  • Surviving Without A Goalkeeper Coach by Herve Rualo

    If no one is available to coach the goalkeepers then the responsibility and the job is yours. As a coach we play a lot of roles
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  • Motivation is more than a question by Darren Treasure

    I once played soccer with a kid called Mark. Mark was a very successful youth soccer player who was always one of the better players in any team he played for.
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  • Youth Soccer – Creating the Passion

    In the ‘up close and personal’ segments of both the men’s and women’s world cup interviews one glaring point was made by each and every star player. They all learned to ‘love to play soccer’ when as children they played pickup games (backyard soccer) in their neighborhoods.
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  • Injury Management

    Crucial for Coaches: Injury management know-how. To coach young children where I live, I had to get licenses from a couple of coaching courses that totaled five days of instruction.
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  • Fitness Facts

    Playing the game isn’t enough to develop the fitness required for optimal performance and reduced injury risk in soccer. Increasing your fitness will help you play better, recover more quickly, look and feel better and stay injury free.
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  • Choose The Right Shoes

    I was very pleased to read your article in a previous edition of “FUNdamental Soccer” about youth soccer lower extremity injuries and their relationship to soccer shoes.
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  • Why Do Professionals Train by Tom Phillips

    The effects various training protocols have on athletes is a partial description of the college course called “exercise physiology.” It even has reached the level of a stand-alone major at some institutions.
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  • Performance Conditioning For Soccer – Part 1 by Tom Phillips

    I became interested in the conditioning coach field when I was studying Kinesiology at California State University, Hayward. One of my professors had worked as the conditioning coach for the Golden State Warriors NBA team
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  • Performance Conditioning For Soccer – Part 2 by Tom Phillips

    Since 1998, the San Francisco Bay Seals have been in the A-League. Three of our 1997 key players, Tim Weaver, C.J. Brown, and White, are playing for MLS, and Troya Cowell spent two seasons in the Belgian 1st division.
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Our Experts

Other Expert Advice from Coaches

John DeBenedictis

John DeBenedictis has been coaching for over 35 years and has coached at many levels. Most of his coaching has been at the youth level from the youngest of children right up to U19 league select teams playing in international competitions. He has also coached men’s teams. He ran his own soccer camps with Tony Waiters, former English International goalkeeper and Canadian National Team coach in Ontario. He played goalkeeper for York University helping them win the National Title in 1977. He played semi-professionally in the National Soccer League (a professional league based in southern Ontario, Upper New York State, Quebec and Michigan), with Toronto Ukrania. He also runs his “Secrets to Goal Scoring” course.

Dr. Alan Goldberg

Dr. Alan Goldberg was the sport psychology consultant to the 1999 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champion University of Connecticut Huskies, and the 2000 Men’s Soccer NCAA champions. He is the former Sport Psychology Consultant for the University of Connecticut Athletic Department and continues to work with their men’s soccer program.

Roby Stahl

Roby Stahl is one of the first American coaches ever to coach full time professionally in Europe. His name is recognized worldwide by FIFA and National Teams as a high level coach and educator. He has been instrumental in raising the level of skill and play for thousands of students from grade school through college, nationally and internationally. Roby has developed his unique coaching methodology through impressive soccer achievements at all levels

Dr. Jay Martin

Dr. Jay Martin is a professor in Ohio Wesleyan’s physical education department and served as the Battling Bishops’ athletics director from 1985-2004. During his 19 years as athletic director, Ohio Wesleyan intercollegiate athletics enjoyed unprecedented success. Ohio Wesleyan won a conference record 6 consecutive NCAC all-sports championships from 1988-94. More recently, the Battling Bishops finished in the top 25 of the NACDA Directors Cup NCAA Division III standings in 6 of the last 8 academic years under Martin’s leadership.

Len Marks, MD

Dr. Marks is from Yuba City, CA and specializes in Pediatrics, Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics, Sutter North Medical Foundation. He served as the Marysville High School Varsity Soccer Coach, receiving the CYSA-N Coach of the Year in soccer. Dr. Marks was elected to NCOTSA Hall of Fame and is a Professional Soccer Coaching Instructor.

Alan Maher

You may recognize Alan Maher from his many articles published by FUNdamental Soccer over the past three decades. What you may not know is that for more than a quarter of a century Alan Maher has been the chairman of rinted training material for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America. His articles can be read not only in NCAA’s own magazine, Soccer Journal, but in every soccer magazine in the country as well.

Graham Ramsay

Graham Ramsay, Director of Soccer Sphere, a soccer educational cum marketing company based near Washington DC, is also the former Director of Soccer Development for the Maryland State Soccer Association with nearly 20 years of service to the youth in that state. Graham was one of the first National Staff Coaches for US Soccer and has written several books and numerous articles.