Fundamental Youth Soccer

These Coaches sent an email to Koach Karl and he personally responded to them – this is just a sample of their communication – perhaps they can be helpful to you, your team or your players..Why not get Advice from his 30 years of Coaching experience…

Diary of a U-10 Coach: Part 1 – 6

Questions from “Coach Dave” & Responses from Koach Karl:

  • Coach Dave #1 – 1st & 2nd Practice “This year, I am coaching my daughter’s U10 girls team – the “Panthers” of the Sierra Gold Soccer Club of the El Dorado Youth Soccer League. I have never played soccer, or any sports for that matter, but I find the game and the kids so much fun, I love being involved.
  • Coach Dave #2 – 3rd & 4th Practice “I have one question, who is this guy (me) that you are trying to teach and will HE ever “get it”?
  • Coach Dave #3 – Player Positioning “Where/when/how/if… do I discuss with the girls the different positions on the field and their responsibility?
  • Coach Dave #4 – Following the 9 Step Routine “I told you, Karl, I am sticking with this and by that I mean the 9-step routine
  • Coach Dave #5 – Diamond Shaped Strings For Positioning “I took a string and put my back line in the shape of a diamond (all of them holding a part of the string) and they had to adjust depending on the position of the ball.
  • Coach Dave #6 – Sole of the Foot and Cones “Had the practice that we never had – changing direction with the sole of the foot
  • Coach Dave #7 – Moved up to U12 “I can’t stand being assistant coach any more .. A similar thing that happened to Dave happened to me, and then I had to assist a strong willed head coach who had kids standing in lines.
  • Coach Dave #8 – Team Spirit I took the opportunity of the game to emphasize team spirit – if you recall there has been some infighting – they handled this great. We all spent the game cheering our teammates on no matter what they did.
  • Coach Dave #9 – Encouragement is Best You must be careful as to which players you choose to embarrass. What you did can be a devastating experience for a young player who lacks self-confidence.
  • Coach Dave #10 – Building on their Strengths I simply asked them if they had a fancy move to use and asked them to use it in the one against one games and the short-side and regular scrimmages.
  • Coach Dave #11 – Repetition is the Key to Success This time, we had much more time for the 1 v 1 games (also, for these more advanced, I encouraged them to follow the defensive “pattern” if they were going to receive the serve – this too worked pretty well.)
  • Coach Dave #12 – The Dream Sequence The one thing that I did differently (Thanks, Karl!) was instead of trying to organize the small-sided games for the kids, I just told them who was playing where and let them set up their own fields and get things going themselves. It worked great.
  • Coach Dave #13 – Tired Coach = Distracted Players The girls are able to read body language and lack of enthusiasm and they will take advantage. Every normal child will test what your limits are and if you are tired then your limit will be extremely low. This may also set the precedent for future practice behavior
  • Coach Dave #14 – Throwing Mud – Bad Behavior Situations If they are not busy then they will have time to ‘sling mud’. Your goal is to keep the players active either: Laying out their fields or Moving after the ball