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These Coaches sent an email to Koach Karl and he personally responded to them – this is just a sample of their communication – perhaps they can be helpful to you, your team or your players. Why not get Advice from his 30 years of Coaching experience…

Koach Karl Dewazien - Fundamental Soccer
Karl Dewazien (Men’s Soccer, Student-Athlete: 1966-1969, Coach 1969-1973)After a playing and coaching career that helped lay the foundation for the storied FPU men’s soccer program, Karl Dewazien has gone on to become a household name in the world of soccer.

As a player he scored 21 career goals, graduating as the program’s all-time leading scorer, and distinguished himself as a team leader. His leadership was so trusted that he was actually named head coach of the team prior to his senior season. After serving as player-coach for one year, he held the position for four more seasons before moving on to become one of the major pioneers of the sport in the United States.

Dewazien has been instrumental to the sport’s growth, particularly in the state of California, and has served as the California Youth Soccer Association State Coaching Director since 1978. He initiated the youth soccer camp movement on the West Coast and has been a clinician for thousands of coaches throughout the U.S.A well-published author, he has been a contributor to every major soccer publication in the U.S. and is a featured speaker at state and national events.

His “Modified Laws of the Game” for youth players, used by the U.S. Youth Soccer Association, has become the standard throughout the U.S. and Canada, while his book “FUNdamental Soccer Practice” has been translated into Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

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  • Advice From A to Z

    by Karl Dewazien, NSCAA member since 1983, former State Director of Coaching for the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA), author, producer.

  • Nine Step Practice Routine

    Soccer is a simple game to play, requiring simple skills. What makes a great soccer player is perfecting these skills. Koach Karl Dewazien is a United States Soccer Federation “A” Licensed coach.

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  • Keeping the F.A.I.T.H.

    The California Youth Soccer Association was founded by a man named Don Greer, the same Don Greer who created the United States Youth Soccer Association.

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  • Team Manager – How To Organize

    To make the season more enjoyable / managable for you and children it is important to get the parents involved. Appoint one parent to be the Team Manager. He or she will work with the parents leaving you more time with the players.

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