Becoming a Better Dribbler

Q: I have a question. My 9 year old wants to get a lot better. Her skill level is about a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Koach Karl - How did you come-up with her skill level? What/who are you comparing her to? You do realize that it is not a good idea to compare your daughter’s ability to anyone else?  There will always be someone better & someone weaker! She has tons of desire, but her biggest weakness is dribbling. How can I teach her to become a good dribbler? K - It is up to her to become a better dribbler if she wants to become a better dribbler!  There is not much you can do to teach her -Sorry!  However, you can create the environment in which she is inclined to ‘want [...]

Training By Yourself

Q: I like to train a lot by myself. Do you have any tips or training methods that will help turn me into a great Soccer player? A: First, you are not alone when you train to become a 'great' soccer player. You have a ball and you must make that ball your friend. You can [...]

Keeping the Players’ Attention

Q: Help! I coach very young players. It is really hard to keep their attention. Can you suggest some drills that I can work with them on? A: You do not need any help - what you need is lots of PATIENCE.  It is rather sad that we organize this wonderful sport at such a young [...]

Dealing with the “Parent Coach”

Q: There appears to be a new type of soccer parent appearing at games. In addition to the wonderful parents who support soccer any way they can, we've seen the "parent coach", the ones who run up and down the side lines hollering at their child, and the "parent referee", the ones who run up and down the side lines shouting at [...]

Scoring & Buzzwords

Q: We have a great team; we pass well, we dribble, we attack the ball, but we just can't seem to score as well. We played a  game and we had at least 10 or more shots on goal (not kidding) but were only able to get in 2. Can you give me some suggestions? A: You can [...]

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